Traveling and learning languages


dublinlig1Everyone wants to learn the language of the country they are visiting. But how am I doing this in the most effective and rapid way? – First, you have to search for a language school, e.g. like our school – where you can learn the basics. It is even better if you are living in a host family at the same time because this way you will be able to use what you just learned directly. Furthermore, you can listen to radio and watch television to train your listening comprehension. However, that is not enough. Try to visit places where people don´t understand your language, e.g. Markets, train stations or small villages. There you have to talk and you will see that you can say a lot more than you actually thought. If you are listening to people talking, you should concentrate and pay attention to their gestures and facial expressions. Like this you will recognize some expressions. Don´t be scared to make mistakes, just do it the way a child would, without fear! You will learn from your mistakes and through learning your self-confidence will grow. To keep the conversation going you don´t have to tell long stories at the beginning, you should start with a few words or sentences you feel confident with.